Products Lineup

  • Microwave Absorbers
  • Noise Suppressor
  • Portable Anechoic Chamber / Faraday cage
  • Microwave Shield Material


  • Millimeter Wave RF Absorber for mmW-Rabar of ADAS vehicle
  • ETC
  • Absorber for Outdoors

Newly Developed Products

  • NFC/WPC Dual Magnetic sheet

Microwave Absorbers for Outdoors

Microwave Absorber panel for outdoors are used to solve the problem by reflecting RF from Cell Tower, Broadcast Base and ETC etc.
These absorbers are resistant against weather, light-weighted and to be installed outdoors.
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Product NameAbsorber panel for Broadcast baseAbsorber panel for cell towerAbsorber panel of millimeter wave
Product NumberMS-F100CMS-F050CMS-F030C
Frequency500MHz - 1100GHz800MH - 110GHz20GHz - 110GHz
Standard Size900*450mm800*800mm900*450mm
Standard Thiclcw105mmt53mmt33mmt
MaterialSurface PVC plate(1mmt), Absorb layer (Calcium Carbonite) Al. plate(1mt)
Operation temperature-30℃-85℃

ETC RF Solution

  • MS-058 is tuned to absorb 5.8GHz microwave. And it is used to prevent error operation of ETC system in highway toll gate caused by random reflection of RF communication.
  • We investigate RF environment at site, and offer suitable solution according to it.
  • ETC Microwave absorbers and reflection panel are installed.

ETC5.8GHz Microwave absorbers Panel

  • MS-058PTT
Material NumberMS-058PTT
FeaturesLight weight and conformable
Applied frequency5.8GHz
Standard thickness13mm
Standard size500*1000mm
Operation Temperature-30°C~60°C
MatrialsAclyric Urethane/Dielectric layer


  • Gantry

    ETC Microwave absorbers are installed to prevent reflection against meta Gantry.

  • Bridge Staff

    ETC Microwave absorbers are installed under staff bridge to prevent reflection

  • Sound insulation wall

    ETC Microwave absorbers are installed on Sound insulation wall to prevent interference between lanes.

  • Bulkhead

    ETC Microwave reflection panel are installed beneath meta gantry Tranpa.