Products Lineup

  • Microwave Absorbers
  • Noise Suppressor
  • Portable Anechoic Chamber / Faraday cage
  • Microwave Shield Material


  • Millimeter Wave RF Absorber for mmW-Rabar of ADAS vehicle
  • ETC
  • Absorber for Outdoors

Newly Developed Products

  • NFC/WPC Dual Magnetic sheet

Microwave Absorber Sheet

Microwave Absorber Sheet

MS - H series have excellent absorption performance and effectively absorb grazing-incidence microwave from 5.8 GHz to 94 GHz. We can design and provide small lot of any frequency not listed on list below

*Cover film and Al. reflection sheet are attached depending as request


Product nameMicrowave Absorber Sheet
Material NumberMS-058MS-100MS-240
FeaturesLight weight and conformable
Applied frequency5.8GHz10GHz24GHz
Standard thickness1.8mm1.8mm1.2mm
Standard size200*200mm200*200mm200*200mm
Operation Temperature-30°C~80°C
Product nameMicrowave Absorber Sheet
Material NumberMS-600MS-760MS-940
FeaturesLight weight and conformable
Applied frequency60GHz76GHz94GHz
Standard thickness 2.0mm 2.2mm 1.2mm
Standard size 200*150mm 200*150mm 200*150mm
Operation Temperature-30°C~80°C
Product nameMillimeter RF nearfield noise absorber
Material NumberMS-760mmN
FeaturesLight weight and conformable
Applied frequency 10GHz~110GHz
Standard thickness 0.5mm
Strandard Size100*100mm
Materials CPE

Absorb performance

Absorb performance


  • ETC toll gate

    ETC toll gate

    To be fited on ceiling to diminish RF communication at ETC toll gate due to random reflection by using MS-058 microwave absorber sheet.
    We measure the RF signal strength, design and draw draft, work construction.

  • Parabola antenna

    Parabola antenna

    To erase the reflected RF signal against metal structure nearby parabola antenna

  • Cable transmission

    Cable transmission

    To reduce transmission noise of cable from connectors of 16GHz RF module by using molded absorber