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  • Microwave Absorbers
  • Noise Suppressor
  • Portable Anechoic Chamber / Faraday cage
  • Microwave Shield Material


  • ETC
  • Absorber for Outdoors

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  • NFC/WPC Dual Magnetic sheet

Noise Suppression Sheet

Noise Suppression Sheet

High frequency noises are generated from electric devices such as Mobile phone, Note PC, Digital and Camera because of mounted circuit with highly packed components, high frequency noise by high speed clock IC, and Low withstand voltage IC for power saving.
MS-S100H is noise suppression sheet which effectively suppresses high frequency noise generated from electric devices.
Thin soft magnetic metal lies in the same direction. Between them there is a micron order gap to suppress noise at a level surpassing that of ferrite based devices.
MS-S100H absorbs harmful noises and create clean Electromagnetic environments.


Product nameNoise Suppression Sheet
Material NumberMS-E050HMS-E100HMS-E200HMS-E300HMS-E500H
FeaturesHigh permeability
Applied frequency10MHz~2GHz
Thickness of magnetic laye (mm)
Standard size (mm)300*210or300*20M300*210or
Operation Temperature-30°C~80°C
MaterialsSoft ferrite and Acrylic Urethane
Surface resistance1*10^6
Flame retardantUL94-V0
ROHS Compliance MaterialN/A, Halogen Free
Standard specificationsWithout PET cover film and Adhesive layer
Option(as indicated)With Adhesive layer (-A).
Example of Product Number
MS-E300H-A : Thickness of magnetic layer is 300µm
And it is with 30µm Adhesive layer

Electromagnetic Noise Shield / Suppression Sheet

It shields Electromagnetic Noise with Al.
layer and reduces that with Suppression layer.
And it is applicable for low frequency noise reduction for cable with 60 ㎛ thickness.

Electromagnetic Noise Shield / Suppression Sheet


Product NameElectromagnetic Noise Shield / Suppression Sheet
Product NumberMS-E50HAL
Thickness of magnetic layer30µm
Frequency10MHz to 6GHz
MaterialSoft ferrite, Acryl-Urethane, AL-PET
Max Size330mm*100M
Total thickness60µm
Operation temperature-30℃~85℃
RoHS complianceN/A, Halogen-Free
InflammabilityUL 94 V-0 Equivalent

Absorb performance


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