Products Lineup

  • Microwave Absorbers
  • Noise Suppressor
  • Portable Anechoic Chamber / Faraday cage
  • Microwave Shield Material


  • ETC
  • Absorber for Outdoors

Newly Developed Products

  • NFC/WPC Dual Magnetic sheet

RF shield Sheet/Tape/Wallpaper

Installed on shieling and floor of factory and house

RF shield Sheet/Tape


Product nameRF shield SheetRF shield Tape
Material NumberMS-SS SheetMS-SS Tape
Applied frequency200MHz~3GHz
Standard thickness (mm)0.20.25
Standard sizeW1,000m*30m/RollW50mx*20m/Roll
Operation Temperature-20°C~80°C
MatrialsAl. foil enhanced with glass clothAl. foil enhanced with glass cloth + Conductive adhesive layer

RF shield Sheet/Tape

RF shield Sheet/Tape