• Company Name
    Microwave Absorbers Inc.
  • Head Office
    5-4-5 Asakusabashi, Taitou-ku, Tokyo 111-0053 JAPAN
  • President
    Satoshi Ogino
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  • Products
    Microwave Absorber Sheet, Millimeter wave Broad Absorber Panel, Microwave Broad Absorber Panel, Electromagnetic Wave Shield Cloth, UHF-RFID Absorber Panel, Light weight Shield Room and Anechoic Chamber


  • February 2006
    Its operation office starts in Chuo-ku TOKYO.
  • February 2006
    Microwave Absorbers Inc. is founded in Minato-ku TOKYO
    (Capital stock \10 million)
  • August 2006
    Co-R&D with SFC of Keio University starts regarding "Detecting RF interference of UHF-RFID system"
  • October 2006
    Co-R&D with Musashi Institute of Industry starts regarding "Design of On-metal UHF-RF tag antenna"
  • April 2008
    Co-R&D with Musashi Institute of Industry starts regarding "Design and metal selection sf small On-metal UHF-RF tag antenna"
  • June 2008
    Exhibit at IMS 2008 in BOSTON. MASATTlUSETTS.
  • January 2009
    Transfar Head Quarter office into Taitoh-ku, TOKYO.
  • May 2009
    Exhibit at IMS 2009 in Anaheim. California.
  • June 2009
    Agency Contract with Epoch Micro-electronics(N.Y) and start sales in the U.S.A.
  • December 2009
    Co-R&D with Tokyo metropolitan university starts regarding "Design of control unit for oriented radiation antenna"
  • April 2010
    Succeed In R&D of noise suppression paint and start sales
  • July 2010
    Co-R&D with Tokyo Institute of Industry starts regarding "Microwave Absorber made of Phytoplankton coil"
  • December 2010
    Start installing NFC-RFID magnetic sheet to a foreign mobile phone manufacturer.
  • October 2011
    Set up R&D center for developing noise suppression paint of EV ECU unit in Tokyo metropolitan industrial technology research institute
  • March 2012
    Established a local corporation in Hong Kong
  • November 2014
    Certification of ISO9001-2008.
  • May 2018
    Millimeter Wave RF Absorber for mmW-Rabar of ADAS vehicle start sales.