Microwave Absorber Panel

MS - F series panels are used for control of RF energy at wireless LAN, TPMS, Zigbee, Active Tag, RFID and mobile phone frequencies. They have excellent performance at normal and grazing incidence.
1. They can absorb UHF microwave at grazing incidence.
2. Thy can absorb broad band microwave.
3. Light in weight, and size and shape can be adjusted as reguested.
4. As multi layered, it widen frequency range.

  • ADAS
  • 5G
  • ETC
  • Wi-Fi/BLE
  • Out doors
  • Anechoic Chamber


Product nameHigh Performance Microwave Absorber PanelNon-flammable Broad band absorber panel
Material NumberMS-F050KMS-F025KMS-F010KMS-F050
FeaturesMicrowave absorber have excellent absorption performance and effectively absorb grazing-incidence microwave from 800 MHz to 110 GHz.
Applied frequency800MHz~110GHz2GHz~110GHz50GHz~110GHz800MHz~110GHz
Standard thickness50mm25mm10mm50mm
Standard size800*800mm900*1800mm
Operation Temperature-30°C~85°C-30°C~120°C
MatrialsPolyethylene foam with Dielectric Material and Al. sheetCalcium Carbonate Foam with Dielectric Material and Al. sheet

Absorb performance

  • MS-F010K(75GHz-110GHz)
  • MS-F025K(2.2-2.6GHz)
  • MS-F025K(25-35GHz)
  • MS-F050K(800MHz-1GHz)


Radar dome for GPS
Absorb random reflection in a radar dome for GPS by metal instrument.