Millimeter Wave Absorber for mmW-Radar of ADAS vehicle

Millimeter Wave Absorbers diminish backrobe and siderobe from mmW-Radar to refrain from shortcut signal between TxandRx elements

  • ADAS


Product name mmW nearfield Noise Suppression Sheet mmW RF Absorber
Material Number MS-760mmN MS-770TKS
Faetures mmW nearfield Noise absorb Light weight and conformable
Applied frequency 50~110GHz 76.5GHz
Standard thickness 0.5mm 2.0mm
Standard size 200*200mm 200*200mm
Operation Temperature-30℃~85℃
Materials CPE Silicon

Absorb performance

  • Permitivity(MS-760mmN)
  • Absorb performance(MS-770TKS)