Privacy Policy

  • Handling of personal information
  • Introduction
    Microwave Absorbers Inc. (hereafter, our company) handles personal information about business connections, shareholders, employees, etc.,(hereafter, customers and other people) safely and correctly as a legal and social responsibility based on our company privacy policy shown below.
    Do not provide personal information to us if you do not agree with this policy. However, non-provision of the requested personal information may prevent use of this website.
  • Restrictions on provision to third parties
    Personal information about customers and other people will not be provided to third parties excluding the provision to relevant agencies shown in section 1. and in any of the following situations.
    1. When release consent is given.
    2. When required by law.
    3. In an emergency to protect human life, body and property when prior consent cannot be reasonably obtained.
    4. When obtaining consent may affect the work of public bodies, such as law enforcement officers, having legal rights to the information.
    5. When providing the information as shown in section 3.
  • Shared use
    Our company may share personal information with affiliate companies and business agents as shown below.
    Shared personal information
    Name, professional affiliation (company name, department name etc.), position, address, postal code, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address
    Recipients of shared information
    Our affiliate companies and business agents
    Range required to accomplish purposes notified or disclosed by our company at acquisition
    Responsibilities for personal information management
  • Disclosure, correction and deletion etc. of personal information
    If customers and other people request to disclose, correct or delete their personal information which we have the authority to handle (same as "possessed personal data" defined in "laws on protection of personal information"), our company will meet that request within a reasonable period after checking the identity of the person making the request. See section 5 for the procedure.
  • Contact
    The contact for complaints and inquiries about handling of personal information is shown below.
    General Administration Division,


    Microwave Absorbers Inc.
    806 Hashimoto bldg., 5-4-5 Asakusabashi Taitoh-ku Tokyo, 111-0053 JAPAN
    TEL: 81-(0)3-5825-1255 FAX: 81-(0)3-5825-1257