Electromagnetic wave shield cloth/Sheet for low frequency/Sheet

Shield low frequency magnetic wave radiated form Power supply.
Shield cloth is applicable from 100kHz-10GHz.
Shield sheet is applicable from 50Hz-1GHz.

  • Wi-Fi/BLE
  • Shield Tent
  • EMC
  • RF Shield
  • Magnetic Shield


Product nameElectromagnetic wave shield Cloth for low frequencyElectromagnetic wave shield Sheet for low frequency
Material numberMS-PYMS Sheet
FeaturesHigh shield performance(-60dB)
Magnetic wave shield(100kHz~100MHz)
High shield performance
Permeability 1.5*104@100kHz
Applied frequency100kHz~10GHz50Hz~100MHz (magnetic wave)
Standard thickness0.15mm1.2mm
Standard size1000mm*1M(Minimum)
Sell in Meter units
Operation temperature-30°C~85°C
MatrialsPolyester cloth with soft feffite platingSoft Magnetic foil with PET cover film

Shield performance

  • MS-PY
  • MS Sheet Electric field
  • MS Sheet Magnetic field