Microwave Absorber Sheet

MS - H series have excellent absorption performance and effectively absorb grazing-incidence microwave from 5.8 GHz to 94 GHz. We can design and provide small lot of any frequency not listed on list below

Cover film and Al. reflection sheet are attached depending as request
  • ADAS
  • 5G
  • ETC
  • Wi-Fi/BLE
  • Out doors
  • Anechoic Chamber


Product nameMicrowave Absorber Sheet
Material numberMS-025MS-058MS-100MS-240
FeaturesLight weight and conformable
Applied frequency2.45GHz5.8GHz10GHz24GHz
Standard thickness3.2mm1.8mm1.8mm1.2mm
Standard size200*200mm
Operation temperature-40°C~80°C
Product nameMicrowave Absorber SheetmmW nearfield Noise suppression Sheet
Material numberMS-280MS-770TKSMS-760mmN
FeaturesLight weight and conformablemmW near field noise absorb
Applied frequency28GHz76.5GHz50-110GHz
Standard thickness0.95mm2.0mm0.5mm
Standard size200*200mm
Operation temperature-40°C~80°C
MaterialsSilicon RubberChlorinated polyethylene

Absorb performance

  • MS-025(2.2-2.6GHz)
  • MS-058(4-8GHz)
  • MS-100(8-12GHz)
  • MS-280(26-30GHz)
  • MS-770TKS(75-110GHz)
  • MS-760mmN(10-80GHz)


Parabola antenna
To erase the reflected RF signal against metal structure nearby parabola antenna
Cable transmission
To reduce transmission noise of cable from connectors of 16GHz RF module by using molded absorber