NFC-RFID magnetic Sheet

N.NFC and HF-RFID system are used in such traffic toll collection system as SUICA and PASMO in Japan, or in such electric money as EDY. This NFC and HF-RFID system have started being installed in mobile phone and smart phone. It becomes inevitable technology of our life.
This system uses 13.56MHz band and is affected by metals nearby NFC-RFID antenna of reader/writer or RF tag.
H.MS-E200, NFC-RFID magnetic sheet, is highly effective when used in reader/writer or attached to tags and metal components. With a new developed product of higher permeability, we can make impedance matclaing with ease and deliver excellent magnetic convergence.
MS-E200 keeps µ'=50 and µ"< 1.5 for expanding the RF communication distance.

  • EMC
  • NFC
  • WPT


Product nameNFC-RFID magnetic Sheet
Material NumberMS-E100MS-E200MS-E300
FeaturesLow loss
Applied frequency13.56MHz, 530kHz, 135kHz
Thickness of magnetic laye0.1mm0.2mm0.3mm
Standard size300mm*20M
Operation Temperature-30°C~85°C
MatrialsSoft ferrite and Acrylic Urethane
Surface resistance1*10^6
RoHS CamplianeN.A
Option (as indicated)With Adhesive layer (-A).
Example of Product Number
    MS-E300A : Thickness of magnetic layer is 300µm
    And it is with 30µm Adhesive layer

Absorb performance

  • NFC-RFID magnetic Sheet MS-E100 ( Permeability )


Application example of Smartphone with NFC Function