Injection resin Absorber for Millimeter wave

We newly have developed Injection resin Absorber for Millimeter wave, which highly absorbs wide range RF from 77-80GHz.
It is applicable for radar horn of mmW Short Range Radar, and for interference noise absorption between TX-RX elements in a mmW radar ECU unit.
We could supply injection absorber of such resin as PA, PP, PC and Elastomer.
It consists of single layer so that make it lighter and more cost effective.

  • ADAS
  • 5G
  • ETC
  • Wi-Fi/BLE
  • Out doors
  • Anechoic Chamber


Product name Injection resin Absorber for Millimeter wave
Features Insert injection with short layer.
Light weight, High performance
Injection molded.
Light weight, Single layer
Broad band frequency
Frequency 76 – 80 GHz
Thickness 2 mm 2-3 mm
RF Absorb performance -20dB<(S11)
Operation temperature -40°C~125°C -40°C~125°C
Materials Resins(PP ,PA, PC,)
Dielectric materials Al.
spattered short layer
Resin(PP ,PA, PC,)
Dielectric materials

Absorb performance

  • MS-770 InjectionAbsorber PA 2mmt S11Short
  • MS-770 InjectionAbsorber PP 3mmt S11
  • MS-770 InjectionAbsorber PP 3mmt S21