Portable Anechoic Chamber

Portable Anechoic Chamber consists of a new material: Polyester cloth coated with soft magnetic material by our proprietary process.
This cloth blocks frequencies between 100 kHz and 110 GHz.
This material prevents RF interference from cellular phone, wireless LANs, Bluetooth devices and can suppress outgoing RF by as much as 40 dB for R&D testing.

  • Wi-Fi/BLE
  • EMC
  • RF Shield
  • Magnetic Shield


Product namePortable Anechoic ChamberDesktop type
Product NumberMSR-PY(2)F050-1.8*1.8*1.8MSR-PY(2)F050-2.4*2.4*1.8MSR-PY(2)F050-0.8*1.6*0.8
FeaturesLight to be conveyed
Easy to set up and be folded
Shield > -40dB(100MHz ~ 110GHz)
Absorber erases resonance inside
ApplicationEMC or Evaluation test at R&D and Quality test of UWB,ZigBee,Wireless LAN, Cell Phone, UHF-RFID module, other RF unit.
Absorb performance
(in cahmber)
-10dB>(800MHz ~ 110GHz)
Shield performance
-40dB > (100MHz ~ 110GHz)