NFC/WPC Dual Magnetic sheet

Recently, Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) system in accordance with Qi standard gets installed in smart phone.
On Qi standard, transmitting Power is Up to 5 W and frequency is 100 kHz to 205 kHz.
But in a smart phone, its Receiving coil is attached on battery or some metallic objects, and that causes a problem of decreasing transmission efficiency.
Then in order to solve this problem, magnetic sheet must be used between Rx-coil and battery

  • EMC
  • NFC
  • WPT


Product NameNFC-WPC Dual Magnetic sheet
Material NumberMS-K50MS-K100
Thickness of magnetic layer50µm100µm
Applicable Frequency135kHz, 530kHz, 13.56MHz
ApplicationNFC, HF-RF tag, Wireless charging on metal
Permeability (13.56MHz)250 < (µ')
Permeability (100kHz)300 < (effective µ)
MaterialsAmorphous metal, Acrylic adhesive
Standard Size45mm*100mm
Operation temperture-30℃~85℃
RoHS Material ComplianceROHS Compliance, Halogen Free

Absorb performance

  • MS-K50

    Before installation of MS-K50 When a WPT coil is installed nearby metallic object, its magnetic flux generate the eddy current on surface of metallic plate. Then it also generates cancelling magnetic flux and causes the decrease of transmission efficiency.

    After installation of MS-K50 By means of attaching magnetic sheet between coil and metallic plate, magnetic flux get through into magnetic sheet and improve its transmitting efficiency.