Microwave Absorbers

Microwave absorber have excellent absorption performance and effectively absorb grazing-incidence microwave from 2 GHz to 94 GHz.

  • Active tag(300MHz),
  • UWB(3-10GHz),
  • ZigBee(2.45GHz), Wi-Fi(2.45 & 5.2GHz),
  • Cell phone (800MHz-2GHz), GPS(1.6GHz), UHF-RFID(920MHz ),
  • ETC(5.8GHz), Aviation radar (10GHz), etc.
  • To solve RF communication trouble by random reflection in R&D laboratory, QC test, and real field

Noise Suppressor

Noise suppression sheet is used to suppress unnecessary noise radiated and transmitted out of high density mounted PCBs in mobile phones, NotebookPCs, and ECU.

  • Reduction noise level below Regulation of VCCI/FCC/CE
  • Noise reduction of radiation from CPU and resonance in chassis
  • Radio Noise reduction from ECU chassis